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Thread: Tears Of The Sun

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    I hope this is the right forum for this topic:
    I've just downloaded part one of Tears of the Sun but I can't play it on my pc.
    I am in the process of downloading part two but would like to be able to play part one while I am waiting.
    I presume once I have part two downloaded that part one will play but I am not sure.
    Is there a codec I can download to play part one?

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    Feb 2003
    download the K-lite codec pack from

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    I still can't play it. It's MP43 format (whatever that is).
    I need a program to convert it to MPEG but I don't know which one does that.

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    Make sure that kind of file works with your player... if not listen to the above qoute ^

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    I don't just want to be able to play it on my pc, I want to re-encode it to a format that can be burnt to DVD.
    Do you know any program that will do this for me?
    I have tried a few but none of them work.


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