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Thread: Free (cracked) socks client?

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    I don't want to be found.
    Was bitorrenting for a while from my uni pc, which is behind a proxy so I couldn't make it connectable. Got warned by a friend in the IT department of my uni that he had been asked to investigate a large amount of incoming port-scanning associated with my IP address. They thought my machine had a virus and weren't worried about the amount of traffic, but security as it was degrading the firewall. He told them he had found loads of malware on my pc.
    Managed to find a socks client called HTTP-Tunnel that had a key included and that worked fine for a month until today when the key ran out and needs updating. Can't find the new key anywhere.
    Just wondering what other people use to get round this problem.
    There was a free trial version of some socks software that was free but it was slower than kazaa.
    I need to be connectable for incoming bitorrent connections, and needs to be free. as I am a poor student. Thx.

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