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Thread: Free Subtitle Sites

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    Can someone post some good free subtitle sites, please! īCause i really need a Ringu 0 subtitle today.

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    heh learn japanese. its not too hard.
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    U suck&#33; U know dat? Please anyone else, help me&#33;

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    No subtitles cost money,they are all free.
    And here is a direct links to Ringu 0.
    Ringu 0 (english subtiles)

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    Ohaiyo, watashi am from Nippon, kutabacchimae&#33;&#33;&#33;
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Thank u very much&#33; U saved my day&#33; Whatīs the difference between those two subtitles?

    Oh, u know what. A new problem, how do i put the movie file with the subtitle together so when i burn it and see the subtitles in the movie on my dvd plyer?

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    So how do i put the subtitles i downloaded into the movie so i could see it on my DVD player?

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    Oh, i mean on my DVD player in my living room, so i need to burn the movie subtitle in it, but how do i do that?
    Ps. It must work&#33;

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