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Thread: Internet connection lost every couple of days

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    Recently I'm having some troubles with my internet connection.
    I'm connected with cables & I have a 3com router.
    Every couple of days my internet connection is lost & when it happens something is closing my azurues & messenger as well.
    If i disconnect the routher for a couple of min. & re-connected it - nothing happans.
    the only thing that works is restarting the computer & after the restart the internet connection is back.
    I'm using WinXP.
    When I go to Computer Managment - Event Viewer - System
    I see a warning:

    & then error:

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    Did you try reseting the router? i had the same problem yesterday... didn't want to restart because i'm too lazy... i restarted the routed and don't have a problem since then.

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    The fact that rebooting the router has no useful effect suggests that the problem lies in the computer.

    I'm confused why the computer is running the NAT service, NAT should surely be taking place in the router. It sounds like you have internet connection sharing service active (as opposed to just running).

    Have you got an internal network between computers, as well as the network connection to the router? If so, you might be better advised connecting all the computers directly to the router (via a hub/switch if necessary).
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    I have a cable modem & a 3com router.
    2 computers are connected to the router.
    I got disconnected today again. When this happens, I can't access my router.
    The other computer has no problems & the internet is working there.
    I have to restart my comp & only then the internet is coming back to mine.

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    I am guessing this only happens when you are downloading torrents?

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    Yes - why is it only every few days.

    If it was hardware or the setup it would not work at all.

    I suggest it may be your telephone line. Mine is a bit "noisy" and I just hop on the phone and dial a few people and this seems to make my connection come on again. I must call my telco and get them to fix my noisy line.




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