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Thread: Better Way To Find More Sources

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    I posted this in the "tips" section but I don't know if most read it but to get a file that u know someone is sharing & u don't know their node or don't know how to use them. Just search for it in the search bar and when finished just clik on search more repeatedly, enough of this will cause kazaa to disconnect and reconnect meaning you just got on another node and you can continue searching till u find it. Because that's probably what your going to have to do when searching for one of the "Ready to go" movies I have posted because i am the only one with it. AS OF RIGHT NOW I AM POWERSHARING SO PEOPLE CAN GET WHAT THEY WANT I HAVE 8 UPLOAD SLOTS SO GET IT WHILE U CAN.

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    This can be done by using Autosearchmore.

    And if you want to download from a specific user, use KaZupernodes to connect to the same IP. Better still, use a user-oriented p2p system like SoulSeek.

    No point in this staying open for discussion...


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