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Thread: Thinkin about gettin a PSP.

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    Where would i be the best place to find a 1.5 PSP. or in that case, which PSP is the best for homebrewing. Kind of new to the PSP area.

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    1.5 psp is best for homebrew but last time i checked most versions can be downgraded these days. Though i have not had a psp for over 6 months though, so things might have changed since than.

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    theres now a downgrader for the 3.50 firmware using the game ''lumines''.

    You will certainly get a 2.71 PSP. Then you could upgrade to 3.50 and use the Lumine game save to exploit your psp down to 1.50. Once done, you can upgrade to the latest OE firmware by darkalex. 3.40 oe

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    There are a lot of sites teaching you how to downgrade and stuff. I got mine from China with 1.5 for a decent price. Works fine.


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