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Thread: Everything for SWEDVDR

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    Hello reader(s),

    my main goal in the torrentscene is to reach SWEDVDR. I am not interested in any of the others like UK-T / ScT / etc. I am a dutch guy who's interest is in DVDs and thats why I need SWEDVDR which will be my final stop. I got the following accounts / invites which I am willing to give up for a SWEDVDR account, I mean ALL accounts:

    Pisexy 90GB buffer
    Torrent.LT acc
    Thors acc
    Oink 8 GB acc, 2 weeks
    DB 600GB buffer acc
    FB 22GB buffer, 1 invite
    Swebits acc
    LM acc
    RevTT 43GB UP / 36 GB Down

    If anyone would be so kind to let me quit all this trading etc. and is willing to trade a SWEDVDR acc, I dont mind what it is like, as long as the ratio is 1 or it is never used. Get me out of this haystack and help me find the needle.

    Greetings and looking forward to a pm!

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    good luck

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    I will need it, thank you!


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