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Thread: Converting Folders

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    ok i downloaded James Bond Nightfire but it comes with only 1 setup.exe but 2 CD's each with its own folder and i want to convert these to ISO's or Bin/Cue file is this possible? if so what program is there to use. this game is starting to get on my nerves really bad cuz i cant install it when it says to insert disc 2 where theres only a setup.exe

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    Have you tried simply burning each folder with Nero? Just make sure you place the contents of each folder at the top level of each disc, rather than actually seeing the folder when you view the disc in 'My Computer'.

    If that doesn't work, use WinISO to create an image file, but again you'll want the contents of each folder to be at the top level.

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    yeah, i would say put the contents of each folder into separate CD projects in Nero, and choose the Nero Imageburner as the will output it as either an ISO or and NRG..your choice...


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