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    Ive been looking for this game all over the place. Does anyone have a copy of it or have any of you seen a copy of it on kazaa. I love old adventure games like sierra and lucas arts games. I wonder why they stopped making games like this. Resident evil type games are closest to this genra, but now its all "multiplayer" this "George W." that. Oh well. Thanks.

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    I heard there coming out with a full throttle 2, but try using bittorrent will start you off


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    i actually have that game every once in a while i'll finish that game in 1 hr. Once you know wat to do its not fun any more.

    p.s is a music site... i think u mean and also that site is down. So stop giving ppl bad advices

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    No one else has any ideas. Ive never played the game before. I'm just trying to do as many adventure games as possible. Just bought Grim Fandango a while ago and still working on that, got to the flaming beaver part and kinda slowed down on that game. Ill pick up again eventually. but Id really like to play Full Throttle. I think they should make another Sam and Max game. That game was great, and hilarious too. ahhhh memories. BTW how many cds is full throttle? hopefully not 3 like GF. might take a while to download if its a lot of cds and im sure it wont have many sources. thats what prompted me to BUY GF. Ok thanks but keep me posted if anyone sees this game. Thanks.

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    full throttle is only one cd i got it and i should be sharing it in kazaa. i got it off so if it ever goes back on try there. you gotta do some weird thing to get it to work and i have been too lazy to get it to work but its all there

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    Oh man...I LOVE FULL THROTTLE! brings back momories =P plz share =)

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    here is full throttle

    File: Full
    Length: 315174289 Bytes,307787KB
    File Hash: 9e121c0724e3077ef20941fbaa768c652d68aba0

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    Full Throttle 2 was at E3 this year

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    i remember full throttle... i really wanna check out full throttle 2.
    The first one was like once u beat it.. u could go back and beat it again in 40 mins


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