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    I just finshed downloading The Hulk (smf) workprint and tryed to play it with the K Litw Code Pack 2.03 with all the codecs installed and it kept saying that it couldn't play the file! Windows Media said No combination of render . . . and BSplayer said file format unknown. The download is fully finshed and I haven't got any other codecs on my drive and I checked to see what type of codec it was and it said mp43 which has played fine before with the K LITE codecs before! I recently formatted and this is the only movie file I have downloaded so far and I have got this problem! Please someone help!

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    Maybe it's just a corrupt file, or a fake put out by the movie studio...

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    Seeing as the movie isn't going to be widely released for two days, I'd say there's a 90 percent probability it's trash...


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