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Thread: Private Bt Tracker

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    The Following Errors Were Found  The registration code did not match the one displayed, a new code has been generated, please try again
    I try to reg.

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    The registration code doesn't appear when i try to registrer.

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    WTF ,Wizzandabe DID YOU FIXED THE PROBLEM??????????????

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    Lol, it's a problem with Invisionfree, the hosters of the board.
    You can't register (the code doesn't show) and you can't even register to their own boards!

    He can't do anything about it himself, so patience is the answer, alas....
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    namzuf9's Avatar Poster
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    Jan 2003
    The Armpit Of The Universe.
    I signed up to their forum at the start but I only d/led a torrent today. The speeds are good and, as all the members are from here, the atmosphere is good.
    I still love this though, I'm never leaving!

    Now how do I change my name to Namzuf9 [RIP]?

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    Well the new board was never intended as a replacement for the K-Lite Board (how could it be...).
    It was just the most convenient way to distribute torrents in a private community.
    As such, it's kind off a child of this board

    I still love it here and will continue to contribute to this forum.
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    rats, can't join. sure wish i had friends, then i too could be popular!

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    Registration is working again. Look at the Private BT tracker thread for more info on requirements and how to get the password for entering the forumsections
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    Well since lamisy (or how ever its spelt) i think thats right, closed the topic and cos i had more that 1 open, i dug this out and am replying to it so it goes up the forum to the start, this is a good fast tracker, jsut come along, and see for your self, im dling a game 1.7GB in less that a hour.

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    A 'long period of inactivity' means more than two days!

    Try a couple of weeks...

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