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Thread: What's the next 5 words of this song?

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    Ok everyone,
    So, im going to say the first 5 words of a song,
    And YOU finish it!
    Complete the song, exactly as it is heard,
    meaning you repeat the chorus and whatnot.
    Once the started song is over,
    Start another one!

    1You can only post FIVE words, no more, no less.
    2Obviously you need to start a song with words....
    3Let's not go look up lyrics, that would take away the fun now wouldnt it...
    4When you start a new song, PLEASE make it known that you are starting a new song, like maybe by saying "New Song:"
    5in most cases, if there is a space before and after the letter(s), its considered a word.

    Now lets see how many other people have the same taste in music as you do....
    i suppose it may be possible that when i start, there may be more than one song that begins with the five words i say, but who knows, oh and before you post, you should go up and read the lyrics of the song up above to avoid confusion....
    Have fun!
    Here it goes!:

    The bass, the rock, the.......

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    ...stupidest idea ever heard of

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    A plastic holder dealie that you use to hold your apple while you eat it so you don't get sticky apple juice all over your fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbarossa View Post
    ...stupidest idea ever heard of
    Oh... then I really must try harder...


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