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Thread: Offering SeedBox access for some quality trackers

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    UPDATE: Mission accomplished! Since I got what I need, post can be locked or removed permanently. Thanks to everyone interested/helped me during my search!

    Hi all,

    I've got an idling seedbox, and thinking to trade the bandwidth for invitations (or accounts, should you prefer).

    Details of the server (Leeware VPS100);
    • OS: Fedora Core 6
    • RAM: 384 MB
    • Bandwidth: Unmetered 100 mbps
    • Disk space: approx. 17 gigs
    • Client: rTorrent (0.7.6-SVN)
    • Client Management: via FTP
    • Client monitoring: via WWW

    A note on the performance;
    • Well, it's Leeware Neither the fastest vps, nor the best network, but stable. It's still better than vectorals' cheap PIII dedicated servers! Can constantly upload 1,5 MB per second if you choose the right torrents in a moderately crowded tracker, which is enough to create a TB size buffer in a week or two.

    • My part;
      I will give you the server access for 3 or more weeks, depending on your offer. I won't use the server for my personal torrents during this time, all server resources will be dedicated to your personal usage. I will monitor the server and try to help you if you meet any trouble, assure your comfort as being your host.
    • Your part;
      You will supply an invitation (preferred) or an account (no warning history, with registered email) for ScT or FTN. No need to have buffers on the accounts, fair ratios will do fine.

    Pre FAQ;
    1. Can I SSH into server?
      No, sorry. No shell accounts, not needed.
    2. Are there any limitations on content?
      Yes. No sick and disturbing material (gay or child porn, rape or snuff movies etc.) on the server. Our arrangement is over at the moment I see one, your account and data will be shredded immediately!
    3. Do you mind if I share my account on your server with a friend of mine?
      No, not at all. As long as you are aware of that you are personally responsible of your fellows behavior on the server (see FAQ #2), I don't mind. System resources and the disk space is your limit.
    4. Can I run uTorrent instead?
      Sorry, not allowed. I have fine tuned the server and tweaked its performance very well with rTorrent, which I believe is the best torrent client around for seeding purposes. Besides, I've been simplified its usage for you; you will just upload your *.torrent file to the server via FTP and it will automatically start downloading (5 seconds latency, tops). Wanna stop a torrent for a new one? Then you will have to delete torrent and the data from the server via FTP. That's all! Everything has been taken care of, you don't need to worry about a thing
    5. Why can't I run uTorrent?
      First, its not a native Linux application and definitely not my favorite on a Linux box Second, it can't beat rTorrent in terms of performance.
    6. Can I monitor my torrents from a web interface?
      Yes, you can see how your torrents are performing via your favorite web browser. Please note that I am not talking about a "web user interface" like uTorrent's web ui. Just a simple and non interactive web page with stats, which will update in every 5 minutes.
    7. It says that VPS100 has 20 gigs of disk space, why are you offering only 17?
      Although its been told at that VPS100 accounts have 20 gigs of space, OS and swap counts against your quota. Hence the "approx. 17 gigs" of space.
    8. Are you interested in other trackers, like XXX?
      No, thanks.

    PM me if you are REALLY interested in!
    Last edited by lacerta_; 07-15-2007 at 08:51 PM. Reason: Mission accomplished!

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    You wont get it, sorry.

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    SalsaMan's Avatar vamos a bailar! BT Rep: +2
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    Honolulu, Prague
    level 8 for 2-3 weeks? I agree, you need to offer more than that.
    mental note: get better sig

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    difficult bro , you want ScT for Leeware...!!
    maybe you should ask for level 7

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    2-3 weeks is well worth a "level 8" invite. More than I'd be willing to offer, that's for sure.

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    Should be enough for 3 weeks, but the guy have just 4 posts, so someone must put a lot of trust in this deal...

    gay porn
    LMAO, looks like this provider can be sued by gay parade activists
    TCS Byatch in training

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    Guys, thanks for your valuable opinions Really, I mean it. I am a newcomer to the trading market, so good to hear oldies thoughts, appreciated.

    I may certainly prolong the seedbox access time to 4 or more weeks, after all. I hope this could take some attention and bring someone who has interests of using a seedbox and hasn't got a credit card or enough knowledge. He will be also helping a new friend to build himself a portfolio I had several PMs since the first post, but we haven't got an agreement yet.

    BTW, is true that they don't care about email changes in ScT or they will ban user who has both changed their emails and IPs?

    @ceasar; lol, thanks for the warning

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    I can give you PT invite
    If you want to be a hero, well just follow me

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    Updated the post (see access time), and added FAQ #8.


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