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Thread: Db/z/gt Download Sites?

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    I'm really looking for websites with db/z/gt eps on it (with the sig2dat system offcourse). Off course there are many websites with that but I want a website where the sig2dat code is visible I only have one: here. But the best is with more dbz and a lot dbgt??? can please anyone help me??? thx anyway

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    i need these 2

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    Why don't you just download them straight off a website has a few Englsih GT episodes and has every single Dragon Ball / Z ep! I think they are nearly all .rm format which can be played with real player the DB/Z episodes I think are downloaded through Bit Torrent, while the GT eps are straight out HTTP. Also their is some topics with heaps of Dragon Ball / Z / GT episodes in the Verfieds In A Can section and just the Verfieds section!


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