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Thread: x264 tracker and the puke stuff !

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    everything is ok now
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    You should have pm'd them or at least wrote a message in your profile about the sudden switch to 100mbit on a different IP...

    x264 is my favourite movie torrent site - the quality on there destroys the scenes attempts since people can take the time to encode well rather than having to rush off an xvid encode.

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    I agree with Ratzi Rox. This site rules in quality, and i was using it a lot.

    However, the stuff or their anti-cheating code is defective.
    I had also two accounts there (not in the same time) who disabled for cheating. I have a 100mbit Seedbox, and i was seeding a torrent, but suddenly my account disabled.
    I joined irc, and one of admins tried helping me. I gave him a pic of my utorrent who prove my uploading - the torrent was there with uploaded data. But he said the site shows that the exactly size of my seeding didn't come out on leech side.
    So i guess their code is cheater.

    Anyway, i miss the quality movies, but i know that if i get an invite to this site, i will lose my account within a few days.

    If any x264's stuff here, i would like heard your opnion - how can i survive with a 100mbit on your tracker. All i say is that it's not a crime..

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