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Thread: Torrentleech...Problem

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    This morning, like any other morning, I logged on to various trackers to see if anything worth downloading had been uploaded over the night. However, when I got to torrrentleech and logged in I got a "403 Forbidden / Your Ip is Banned!" message.

    I don't see how I could have been banned though. I've been a member and power user of the site for 4-5months. I've always kept my ratio close to 1.5 and I have hundreds of gigs of uploads. I also haven't invited anyone because I was scared that I may be banned for a mistake they he or she may make. I also use uTorrent 1.6 (which wasn't on the client ban list last time I checked)

    Could someone please check to see what happened with my account? Does it have anything to do with the various server problems and the resulting removal of invites? Has this affected older accounts as well? If it turns out that I have done something against the rules I will accept that and move on to using other trackers. If, however, I haven't I would truly love to get back into torrentleech. It's my favorite tracker next to revtt.

    I know that I don't have anything that I can offer in return apart from my sincere thanks but I'll be glad to help any member who encounters the same problem that I just have.

    Any help much appreciated.

    BTW, my torrentleech user name is JayJayL

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    Go ask 'em on IRC.
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    if your ip is dynamic you could get ip which is banned on that tracker.. some people had this problem.. also if you ip isn't dynamic your internet provider could give same ip for some people so if one of these people get ban you also get it.. this problem is for a lot of people.. this is only few reasons which can cause you ban..


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