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    I am looking for some decent city building games, along the lines of Caesar 3 and Poseidon. I had Pharoah/Cleopatra but I messed up the damn CD and now I am trying to DL It. No friggin sources, oh well... I would love to hear any recomendations you guys have for good city builders and maybe some hashes....? Anyways thanks muchly

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    There's always SimCity, Civilization, and Populous. If you want ones that are somewhat combined city-builders/strategy, there's Stronghold, Age of Empires, Empire Earth...There's another one, but I can't remember the name of it. Cid Meyers did it, though.

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    alpha centuari is the one you forgot. im not sure if the spelling is correct.

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    That's it?!?!? No one else has any good suggestions for little old me?

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    Age of mythology and some of the Age of empires, are city-building games...but my best choice would be Simcity..since all you do in that game is build..well thats all i know sry...

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