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Thread: Private Tracker Passkey Questions

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    Good Evening.

    I have a few questions about private trackers and passkey info.

    What is a passkey for a private tracker?

    Does your passkey change if you have a new password on the site?

    Can this affect old torrents that have been seeded - would there be an error or problem if seeding persists?

    Thanks -

    Dirk Granite

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    No it doesn't change... it's only a serie of numbers witch goes in every torrent you download so they can know how much you download and upload... if you think your passkey is already known by someone else change it...

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    I am not sure what it is or where to look.

    I was told on a site that my passkey changed or something along those lines (i didnt quite get what they were talking about actually) - they only thing that was different with my account was that I changed my password and I started reseeding old torrents.

    I am just confused about the Passkey thing nor do I remember using it.

    Is the passkey specific to the torrent or the user?

    Running Utorrent 1.6.1 btw...


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    passkey is what tells the site who much you have uploaded and or downloaded to give you your ratio. your passkey is put in the torrent file you downloaded from the site. You were caught cheating on wb by using a bad passkey. I wont get into how you were caught but i sent you 2 screen shoots that dont lie.

    plus this is the second 2 your account was brought up with some kind of cheating. So i am not sure what the hell you are doing but site for some reasons does not like you or that you are a big time cheat and coming here posting and playing dumb. which ever it is your account will not be given back. I am not trying to be mean or anything like that but system caought you cheating 2 different times and you were given another chance, and then again system logs you for cheating in a different way.


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    As Wild says, the passkey identifies you, uniquely. If the passkey is wrong, you cannot even access the tracker. The passkey is solely used to identify you to the tracker, and is not responsible for stat errors, or cheating.

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    dam 4 posts and already your rep on this site has been tainted.

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    If you seed something from one PC and then try to seed the same file from another PC with the same pass key will it work?

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    asak you r able to use 3 ip's in same times .

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    So let me see if I get this right -
    If I was given a new Passkey by the private site and when I started up my torrent client that had torrents in it that I had downloaded before, all my new torrents would show the new (correct) passkey and all the old torrents that were seeding would show the old passkey (which is now invalid)?

    So while both passkeys were assigned to me (one being newer than the other), and because I didnt clear out or shut off my older seeds, my Torrent client broadcast back to the tracker an invalid passkey therefore throwing up the red flags on my account.

    The fix for this seems to be elementary which is to either to stop my old seeds or redownload the torrents that are seeding. Correct?

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    If your passkey was changed mid stride, then downloading the existing torrents with the new passkey embedded into it will allow your existing torrents to continue where they left off after the old passkey was expired.

    Remember that a passkey is exactly what it says... A Key that will allow you to Pass. If the key don't fit, then nothing happens. If it does, then your client connects properly to the tracker and a transaction takes place.

    Simple really.

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