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Thread: Battle Field 1942

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    I've heard there is a cd-key generator for battle field 1942 that works for online play. The key I have works for solo game play but can't seem to connect to any of the servers, except I got on once with it and played for a couple of hours but have never been able to since? Can I hook up with certain servers only or was it just a fluke? Any help would be awsome!! :beerchug:

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    Still trying to do a search in topics but it's down. Keeps coming up Admin.. down try again later.

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    Come on!!! No one can help me here?? Fuck where are all the gamers!!?????

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    *Fuck where are all the gamers*
    no gamers here just people who download games from the net
    you won't be able to play battlefield online
    if you are use a no cd crack - you'll get a data differs from server
    or if you don't have a vaild serial number
    I truly no shit have a unused road to rome serial I downloaded batlefield and bought the road to rome but it seems to need both battlefield and road to rome real serial number to connect e-mail me if you want it.
    anyway theres always the demo


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