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Thread: Mafia Install Prob

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    Hey, i dl 3 cds off kaaaaza lite...and well i cant seem to install....starts out ok, then when its installing the 2nd file in dc1 it completly stops...i left if going for about 20mins to make sure...still nothing happens!

    So i re dl cd1 and does exactly the same thing.

    Am i doing something installing it on a clonecd virtual drive (bless 'em), and ive even extracted all files from the bin, made a seperate folder, and tryed installing that way...same problem.

    Any ideas or help would be great!



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    something might be corrupt in the orgional iso'ing of the cd. i own the game so i suppose if you cant seem to figure it out or no one else can and u cant dl it anywhere else i could create and iso..u might have to pm me so i notice


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