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Thread: Ok Now I Am A Little Pissed Off

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    ok can some one please tell me why it is that I have sat here a my pc fer like 6 hours now trying to download "Tears Of The Sun" and keep getting different movies... the first 2 or 3 I let go just thinking that "well maybe it is just newbies that don't know any better" but after 5 and 6 I keep "Traing Day" and when some one was up loading from me I would send them a message to tell them ... " Hey just thought yuou should know that is probally not the file you are looking for"

    So I ask this to the Forum : I can't be the only one haveing this problem can I?

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    AVI preview

    and varifieds

    dont people use them these days??

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    yes I do use them yet it still is very misleading don't you think?

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    Do you think that Hollywood might have somthing to do with this?

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    LOL I supose that indeed they might

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    Seriously, this is a well known fact. The movie/music companies are fighting back on file sharing in this way. There is a "cottage industry" of people that mislable files for this reason. (to frustrate Kazaa users)

    Get used to it... lots of it out there.

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    just use the verifieds or try getting it off a bittorent site


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