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Thread: Max Ddr Ram Available

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    ok, just wondering if you guys can give advice to a friend of mine.
    he's got a sony laptop with a Sony PCG-F807K(GB) motherboard.

    he was told that the maximum supported memory of this board was 192MB, however there are 3 ram slots on the board.

    can anyone tell us if it's possible to put any more than 192MB in please

    the current config: slot 1: 64MB
    slot 2: 128MB
    slot 3: empty

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    yeah, quite alot of sonys are 256mb, and it seems a more logical number than 192? or is it maybe meanin 192 sysmemory and 64 shared graphics he is thinking of?

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    I am not sure, but if there are three slots, I would think that if one handles 128 MB, they should all take 128 MB, wouldn't you?

    Maybe I am reading the post wrong.
    thus, 128 * 3 = 384, right?

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    thanks for the replies folks.
    sorry for the delay in my reply, but i haven't been able to get on the board for a long while
    thanks for the links, Somebody1234, pretty handy
    not sure about shared graphics memory Livy.
    and adamp2p, that was exactly what we were thinking.
    if one of the ram slots could hold 128MB, then why could the rest not do the same?
    anyway, thanks for the advice, it seems like 256 is the limit then.


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