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Thread: Private trackers confusion

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    Hi, I have often seen people desperate for invites to certain sites and so I myself followed the trend and recently became a member of bitmetv and torrentleech.
    Tbh, I am struggling to understand the attraction.
    There seems to be next to nothing available here that aren't available on the public trackers. Also, the majority of the files aren't well seeded at all.
    I have also been put off by how most files have very few leechers at all and so I feel I will struggle to keep an acceptable ratio.
    Am I missing something?

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    Once you find a private tracker with the content you like, it will make it worth it. Speeds will be better and security is also a plus. Bitmetv can be hard to keep your ratio up on if you don't have a good coneection, but TL should be very easy to keep a good ratio. Once you find a private tracker with the content and user base you will see the benifits.
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    Well, the main reason is probably some measurement of security. But don't feel yourself too secure, because however private a tracker may be, there's never a guarantee for this.

    Speed is another good reason. Of course, people with slower connections (like 1mbit) might see little difference between public and private. I haven't downloaded from a public tracker in a very long time but back then slow speeds were what got me interested in joining private communities. Judging by the multitude of seedboxes and other users with fast connections, private trackers have become faster since.

    Another reason, at least for some people, are pre-times. For not so popular releases you might just have to wait a few days until you'll see the stuff on a public tracker if ever - and that is way too long for me Much faster are the most popular releases, especially eztv looks to be a good tracker for (the most common) 0day tv releases.

    But tim, seriously. While maintaining a ratio in BitMeTV is harder, doing the same in TL should be a piece of cake. Some torrents are so popular that you'll max out most upload speeds even after one month.

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    start with TL and RevTt and work your way up

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    tim... I'm not sure your seeing the same TL as I am. there are just so many seeds and so many full movies that just are never on public trackers.

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    on a public tracker, u never know what ur downloading. at least on TL or bitmetv, everything is regulated in a sense. Files are usually checked quite quickly and if its bad or doesn't meet the requirements of the site, its deleted. On bitmetv, once u submitted it, sometimes it wont even make it onto the browse page. In TL, its uploaders only, so theres no fake torrents like u might find on public trackers where your just hoping u downloaded a file thats not rar pw protected and is the right thing.

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    Maybe you are not on 0day stuff.. its really hard to maintain your ratio if u want to download packs or All season episodes... try to download 0day stuff and build a good ratio...
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    Basically when it comes to bitmetv, you have to jump on a new episode within the first 20mins or else it will be hard to maintain a 1:1 ratio unless you have a good upload speed.


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