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Thread: Running Iso Files

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    i suppose this query as been raised before but i cant find anything on the forum.
    i have downloaded the uk-info disk in iso format i burnt the the image on to cd but still dont know to run the programme any help would be gratefully accepted

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    I hopee you didn't burn the disk as a data disk. Most people tell nero to burn a disk image from a file. The you select the file and burn it.

    You don't have to burn the disk to burn it. You could use alcohol 120% which will make windows think it had another CD rom drive. You then "mount the image." It work will like any other CD. You could also use iso buster and copy the files from the image into a regular folder.

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    ACtually, if he has nero, he won't have to download Alcohol 120%...Nero has a program called ImageDrive...look in the start menu folder...there should be a shortcut to "Nero ImageDrive Installer"

    Once that's installed, you can mount an ISO or NRG as a drive...

    You could also Use Daemon Tools...

    Although, Alcohol 120 does have some pretty nice features for backing up games and stuf...but if you're only looking for emulation, you don't need it


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