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Thread: Problem With QuickPar repairing files

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    Not sure if anyone can help with this problem.
    I use QuickPar to check and try to fix large rar files I downloaded.
    When I run QUICKPAR if finds that the total file when assembled is
    only missing afew blocks (literally only 3-4 blocks missing)...BUT, QUICK WONT FIX IT..
    Before, I used quickpar and it would fix missing blocks by downloading
    them. But not, my QUICKPAR only tells me when thay are complete or
    not, it wont fix them anymore..

    Anyone know why ? I had to reformat my system afew months ago, I lost
    my quickpar program and had to find it on the net (I did a google for
    it) and downloaded it...but now, since then, it does not fix the
    missing pieces like it used to. (and yes, I had hit repair button and
    have it checked off)
    Any help would be appreciated it.

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    First, this is the what you're referring to correct?

    You'll need to download additional .PAR files before you can attempt a repair. The 'repair automatically' option will only work if there are enough .PAR files with enough blocks to allow a repair. Perhaps before you reinstalled, your binary downloader was downloading all the .PAR files and QuickPar was doing this automatically.

    Just be sure you have PAR files for whatever you downloaded and you may need to manually select them from the QuickPar program when you go to repair.

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    In your hard drive
    try reinstalling QuickPar version 0.9.1 from Spongebobs link ^^^.
    you may have downloaded a rely old version last time.

    dont forget you can grab any part or broken Rar files this will also help quickpar fill any blocks if there isn't enough Par files to do the repair!

    most freeware News reader like Grabit & automatically do the repairs a UnRar for you now-days, so make sure there finished doing there stuff 1st before you try to do it manually.


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