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Thread: I Keep Having To Log In

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    Ok I am fairly new to this forum lark but I wonder if somebody can help me. I have an account and I can Log in ok but every so often I try to do something basic and I am prompted to Log in again . Is there something I have missed eg cookie setting? The worst time was about 10 mins ago when I tried to pm someone and was told I didn&#39;t have permissions and was promped to log in again which I did, then the &#39;thank you you have logged in as...&#39; message came up but when the screen refreshed I was in as a guest with all the members forums gone &#33; I tried to log in again (and again..and...) and each time the same thing happened until I eventually had to shut down Kazaa and go from scratch again . Was this just one of those glitch type things or am I missing something. If anyone can shed some light on the subject I would appreciate it.

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