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Thread: Convert Avi To Dvd

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    doe any body know how and what program to use to convert avi files back to dvd complient to play on standalone dvds.
    at the moment i am using nero vision express but it has thrown a wobbly and i cannot get it to work any more, i have emailed ahead but it is like trying to get a reply from the pope.
    i will give a short discription of the fault with express, maybe somone out there can help with it.
    when i load a avi file it loads in then it goes to adding video files then calulating space but this is were it goes wrong the used spsce is still 00 out of 4812.8mb and when i come to burn it gives a error message (error in dvd description internal error-1. ps. the file does load in because i can preview it before burning.
    it also give a log but i will not post that untill somone has any idea as to what is wrong or a alternative program

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    hi there !
    i don't have a dvd burner just yet, but i do use nero.
    i choose to encode video's from avi-mpeg 2 using
    either Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4+DVD or Adobe Premiere.
    on big files, nero can be hit or miss.
    have a look at InterVideo WinDVD Recorder and all
    InterVideo products, 3 mouse clicks and you
    have encoded avi-dvd-r and ready to burn.

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    Keighly I am new to dvd burning myself and what i have found is the dvdr is 4.7gig but will only store around 2hrs of movie even if the file is less than the 4.7 gig which is a bummer i found this out trying to put reloaded to dvd

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    yeah, the whole 4.7 gig isn't really 4.7's really only about 4.38...Also, if you were to use TMPGEnc, you MIGHT be able to encode at a lower bitrate to fit the movie onto one disc...I don't know, though, cause I have never actually done any DVD authoring...

    Now, if only we had access to Dual Layer 9 gig blank dvd's...

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    take it from me do not use nero 4 dvd's the best one i have found is maineconcept encoder that will do it 4 u in about 2hours miles better then tmpgenc or wot ever it's called just make sure u get the laest version off it
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    I've never done any DVD burning either but i do know that the guys over at afterdawn usually have a guide to help me through all of my movie burning questions. You might give them a look.

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    The computer and P2P world will have the ultimate boost once faster (10X speed writing) DVD+RWs come out, and of course, dual layered DVD+R/RW disks.

    We'll all be spoiled brats then. And we'll giggle at the days of the past when compression was necessary. I love the future


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