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Thread: H/drive Full !

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    Hi all,
    I am running win XP and only have 300meg left on my c: drive..
    So its running like a donkey !!
    I want to be able to move my c: to another drive on the same computer.
    and then delete all on the c: drive.

    I do not want to format as I do not have internet drivers and other important drivers and my isp are ignoring my emails lol.

    Norton Ghost I was told will do it...

    I have 3 Seperate h/d on this system.

    c: = 5 gig (full)
    e: = 40 gig
    g: = 10 gig

    Any ideas ???


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    Couldn't you just move your non-essential files to other drives?

    Seems like the easiest option to me.

    You could make C:\ your system drive, E:\ your media storage drive (for mp3s, movies, software, etc.), and G:\ your backup drive (for keeping important files on).

    Or somehting to that effect...

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    Lamsey to the rescue

    I cant move anything more..I have tried believe me !
    All software I install just eats up the space on drive c: even if I install on seperate drives.
    So that was your easy option..
    Now tell me the hard one lol

    Cheers Lamsey

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    You could try to clone c: to the 10 gig with partition magic, set it active, reconfig the cables and jumpers to make the 10 gig primary master and Wipe the 5 gig before reconnecting it ( but not before confirming the cloned drive is active and bootable).
    If the 10 gig won't boot, have the PM rescue disks on hand to make sure it stayed active and reset it if you have to.

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    Cheers balamm*
    I will look into that
    Any other ideas welcomed !


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