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Thread: Sometimes You Gotta Hate Xp~

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    i dled several games... well this is onli for gta...

    i loading a save... guess what crash!!!

    magic the gathering --

    try runing the game crash!~

    my moms using quickbook

    middle of doign something cRaSh

    any ideaz

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    if your comp really sucks, that will happen

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    well alotta stuff crashes on XP! Microsoft is Eval!

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    If it is gta 3 there is a patch

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    Originally posted by toddiscool@19 June 2003 - 19:50
    If it is gta 3 there is a patch
    heh patched it and my com is new~

    p4 2.66ghz
    ati radeon 9000 64mb
    516mb ram~

    still doesnt work tho wahhh cant load save...


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