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Thread: Football Manager 07 please help [PC]

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    Right, i have just downloaded fm07 pc version? how do i put this on disk? what do i extract?

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance, i need a step by step.

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    You could put it on disk but I wouldn't bother personally, here's how I'd do it:

    Install Daemon Tools

    Use Daemon Tools to mount the disk image

    Install game

    Update the game to the latest patch (important as earlier versions are buggy, Rooney for instance never comes off international ban)

    Put the crack exe file in the game directory (this will either be on the disk or available from somewhere such as

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    He's right I would use Daemon Tools which is free, mount the image and install the game. If you want a crack go to

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    And if you wait for the transfer window to close there should be a sweet datapatch coming soon


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