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Thread: Dissapering Movies

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    good day all
    i have recently downloaded two movies last night, which where rocky2 and 4 , i left them to download overnight. i even previewed them, they where comming down pretty fast when i left them, when i can through this moring i had run out of disk space on my drive D and the movies had dissapeared has this happened to anyone else, let me know
    any help in advance welcomej

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    every time kazaa adds more data to a partial DL, it has to resave the file. so when you ran out of hard drive space, it couldn't resave. so... your files are gone. don't run out of space next time.

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    Happened to me, I lost 75% of a film when I jumped supernodes it continued from the start again.

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    I may be wrong but the partial files should still be on hardrive its just the shortcut that gets deleted before the file gets over written.try d/l undisker to get file back.

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    Yeah dude, that's why you buy a HUGE harddrive, so you never have to worry about free space... well, most of the time.


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