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    i thought i would start this thread as i cant wait for its release and hope it to be as good or hopefully better than the first and heres a little info about the movie that i have found so far.

    Currently it has been confirmed that Paul WS Anderson, the director/writer/producer of the last RE movie has written the next Resident Evil movie and will return to produce it along with Jeremy Bolt, Bernd Eichinger and Sam Hadida. It is also known that the name of the new movie will be RE: Apocalypse and that some people from the Resident Evil game series will appear on it. The main monster in the second movie will be the Nemesis, familiar to all who have played RE 3.

    Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Matt (Eric Mabius) from the first movie will of course make a reappearance and besides them Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil games will appear on the second movie along with Carlos Oliveira, Major Cain, Sherry Morales and Dr. Ashford just to mention few names.

    The director of the second RE film will probably be Alexander Witt. If he directs RE: Apocalypse then it will be his film directing debut.

    The second movie starts immmediatly where the first one left. Alice walks out of a Umbrella research lab and finds the Raccoon City to be deserted and obviously overran by the undead. She takes out a shotgun from a police car and starts to search for her way out of the town teaming up with other survivors to survive against the undead.

    The filming is scheduled to begin in late July - early August and it is supposed to last for about 3 months. The filming will take place in Toronto. The RE: Apocalypse is aimed to be released on 2004

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    something else i just found.... some Concept art and a shooting board which can be found here


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    god damnit i thought this movie was due out in november! ah this sucks

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    yea it does...i dont want to have to wait till 2004 but atleast millia is doing RE first. Then preaty much immideatly after RE she will star in the film "Ultraviolet"


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