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Thread: Problems With Nero Burning

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    burnt VCD becomes upside down is one problem

    the other one is,
    for some movies (.avi) when I play
    they freeze at a certain playing time
    but the sound still goes on
    the picture just freezes there
    I had to turn my WMP off and on
    and move the time bar to after that certain time which freezes
    to get the movie going

    I just burnt a VCD with these 2 problems
    (yes I burnt shit)

    pls give me the solutions, thx

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    With the freezing you may want to turn burn speed down(this helped me)and the upside down problem can be overcome by us bs player there is an option in there somewhere to flip it back(havent used the option myself but i have been assured its there)have a search through archives this has been covered recently(cos i asked same thing

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    yes I did burn it with the lowest speed
    but the freezing problem happens not only when burning
    also when Im watching
    I think this is the main problem

    and are u certain that an already burnt VCD could still change its content
    with your amazing us bs player ?

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    It sounds as if there were errors when d/l i think there is an option on vcd gear to remove errors(again i have never had to use this option i dl movies from bittorent and so far not had any probs)
    As with regards to"your amazing us bs player"Its not mine its the media player that is packaged with k-lite codecs...i was just trying to help
    You should be able to plip the screen from a vcd as the comp is unbiased as to wether its on hd or player flip

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    turn ur tv upside down adn watch it if its backwards then watch it threw a mirror lol

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    theres the easy solution

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    ur anus
    try avidefreezer for frozen frames

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    The upside down problem is mainly because Nero is not really any good for encoding. Your best bet is to encode the file to MPEG first with TMPGenc or similar, then to burn it with nero at a max of around 8x.

    Should fix that prob.


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    i had the same problem with the reverse picture....but as said b4 if u dl tmpgenc then get the serial encode with the tmpgenc then burn with nero.....worked 4 me. as 4 the flipmode on nero.....didnt know that was there

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    down load latest kazzalite codec pack .had same problem it works

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