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Thread: how can i convert pal to ntsc

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    if anyone can tell me how to convert a pal video ts folder into a ntsc so i can burn it for a ntsc only dvd player i would appreciate it

    ps: the easier the better

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    Hmm not that I use that feature often but VSO 's ConvertToXDvd has that I think ? I reverted back to version 2.2.3 258 because of some "cough" issues with license key .

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    i would say burn as a pal dvd then use anydvd to burn as a ntsc dvd

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    If you have Nero 7 installed you can use its Nero Vision to do it. Don't open Start Smart, instead go to your start menu where Nero's shortcuts were placed and look for "Photo and Video" and in there click on "Nero Vision".

    At the bottom of Visions screen click more and configure and make sure the folders tab points it to drives that have good room for video temp files then open "DefaultVideo Options" and makr sure its set to NTSC and while your there you can go to the Video-Dvd tab and select 2-pass if you want to be sure of good quality. Done with the more button.

    On the main window select "Make Dvd" and then "DVD-Video" then select Add Video Files and go to your VIDEO_TS folder and add the main movie only, no menu or extras files (basically this would be the first 1gig file and the rest that follow incuding the last file which will be less than 1gig [usually four or five of them]), when it asks if you want to join the files as on vob say yes.

    From this point on nero is the same as any other video burn, I select "no menu" for room sake but you can fool with a menu if you want. Finally when you get to the point where its going to make the files (typically I have it write to the hard drive first) nero will ask "there's more Pal than Ntsc, do you want to make this video Pal? and you say.....? NO! Then let it go.


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