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Thread: Postal 2 Patch Crack

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    has anyone got a crack for the new postal 2 patch? it fixes loads of problems with the game and speeds up loading times so i'd really like to be able to use it.

  2. Games   -   #2 has it

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    safe mate, you're the man. i looked there earlier the mirror must of not been updated or something. cheers

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    I went to gamecopyworld and they dont have it :/, can you post a link to the crack or the postal 2 crack page ? thxs

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    edited by Lamsey - sorry, no DDL-links to Warez!

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    how do you install the .rar?

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    It really does speed up the load time. Go here for mirrors for the new patch h**p://

    Go to for the crack. (I'm using the one by Gimpsrus)


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