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Thread: Suggestions For Anime Movies I Could Download

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    hi everyone, first of all i'd like to say i'm sorry if this post is misplaced, i wanted to use the search function but it seems like it's out of commission for the moment. so i wanted to ask all you anime movie lovers what anime movies i should definetly watch, i've seen a couple of the best like spirited away, mononoke hime, ghost in the shell but i want more, i just loved these movies. and for those who are likeminded to me, it's waaaaayyy better in japanese with subs. i tried watching mononoke hime in dubbed english and it kinda sucked. so thx in advance

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    Anime movies or anime series?

    Here's a few movie you really have to see: Akira, Metropolis, Laputa, Ninja scroll...
    And few series you might want to see too: Lupin III, Cowboy Bebop, Lodoss Wars chronicles, Trigun...
    I'm sure there are hashes for most of them in the verifieds.

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    laputa? is that the japanese name for castle in the sky? escaflowne might be a good one. i dont know lotsa anime movies since i watch series more.

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    I personally love animatrix.. it's really good, especially the first episode... I may not be considered true anime, but hey, it's damn close.

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    yeah, the Animatrix is a good flick. Its also good other than the first episode.


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