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Thread: Audiobook Format? Lots Of Mp3's Or 1 Big Zip?

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    I'm a Kazaa newby with 45g of unabridged audiobooks from usenet. There seems to be almost nothing equivalent out there. Just lots of synopses masquerading as books.

    I see lots of people trying to download my collection, but rarely getting an entire book, up to 100 or more files.

    If I zip each book, there's no way to categorize and author it properly, or does that mean nothing if there's enough keywords?

    Is there a audiobook faq out there somewhere? The kazzaalite faq sucks. There's no basic training faq's for newbies.


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    Why not search google..... and if you find any good ones, please feel free to add them to our FAQ

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    There's plenty of faq's for usenet binary posting & downloading. But as I indicate, the issues for Kazaa sharing are completely different. One big file is a usenet worst case scenario, while it's optimum for Kazaa. One big 20 hr mp3 would also suck, because most mp3 players fast forward slowly.

    Audiobook sharers???

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    I got LOTR series in Audio,
    files are splitted about 3 to 6 MB pieces,
    and named:
    JRR Tolkien - The Fellowship of the Ring - 01_of_60,
    JRR Tolkien - The Fellowship of the Ring - 02_of_60,
    JRR Tolkien - The Fellowship of the Ring - 03_of_60
    --> etc.

    Atleast you can see from the filename how many files you got and whats missing,
    plus if you got corrupt dl, you only need to dl that file, not the whole book.
    Thats why i like splitting files.

    Havent seen any audio-book FAQs yet.
    I share my stuff on SS more that in Kazaa.

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