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Thread: Any Image Experts?

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    I have a geforce mx 420 and I don't play games, but I look at a a monitor for 10 hours per day. I took the advice of the knowlegeable cats on the board and have still not upgraded my card, but I do have the latest drivers and the "best" tweaking program, Riva Tuner.

    I was wondering what kind of k-guru advice I could get about optimal image settings for long term monitor looking...

    I just got a new 21 inch FD Trinitron Somy multiscan monitor (19.8 viewable) and it has excellent image quality, but I found all these interesting settings in the riva tuner like "overlay" and "digital vibrance, etc). It also allows you to make your geforce think it is a quadro through some software adjustment.

    My refresh rate is 85 Hz and settings are 1600 X 1200, I like a little bit of digital vibrance, but I am wondering if you could let me know what exactly overlay is and if Direct 3D settings affect normal viewing.

    Thanks in advance for your help; sorry for the long post

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    If you&#39;re looking at a monitor for extended periods of time then you want 32-bit color and the highest refresh rate that your monitor will support. You also want a resolution that will not force you to squint. >_< Overlay is the method in which graphics card can display objects that are not rectangular (i.e. your mouse cursor). I don&#39;t know what the setting changes in your case. Direct 3D setting should not affect desktop viewing unless you use software that uses Direct 3D acceleration (3D Studio Max, AutoCad...).


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