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Thread: *official Star Wars Chat Thread: Episode 3 An More

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    My last major contribution thread wise, the reloaded thread seems to have been a big hit. So I did some thinking. I spend some time at star wars forums, and I thought, we need more star wars content here, as could discuss and debate the finer points of star wars all day.

    *WARNING* Theres a good chance you will find spoilers here, so if you want to stay spoiler free, you might wanna stay out.

    So this thread, is for star wars, Episode 3 will be the main topic, but any star wars chat is welcome. If you dont have anything positive to say, then stay out. Its that easy...

    Any how. To start off discussion on the GREATEST movies of all time:

    Episode 3 will be released memorial week May 2005. Some of the latest news includes the fact that Chewbacca will be making some form of an appearence. George Lucas has stated this will be the "darkest" of all the star wars films... and for us to not expect a happy ending from this one... a very "empire strikes back" type vibe. The movie starts off with a huge battle at the end of the clone wars. Of course we all know Anakin will turn fully to the darkside in this film. James Earl Jones has also been brought in to do the voice of vader... yet he said it was a very small part... so odds are, we wont see much of vader/anakin in the suit. Rumor has it the film will end with someone dropping anakin and padmes kids off to their respect homes. Also, we know most of the jedi have to die.

    And if any one brings up the palpatine is a clone concept, I will wring your neck! lol... j/k

    well, thats it for now... i have tons of material to tell you guys about, so I will pop in and out... so lets keep this running for the next 2 years!

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    Episode I and II were good but I think Lucas was trying to change Star Wars too much. BUT I have a really good feeling that Episode III will be amazing, explain so much, and have some great battle's. I can't wait to see what he has in store for all the die hard fans

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    Ye' the origy starwars r superb and amongst my fav films of all time.I havnt really seen the new ones yet,except on vhs pirate which aint much good.But what i saw i wasnt to stuck ..they seem to lack that spacey sci-fi adventure feel,and more around the characters.I 'm planin on gettin them soon on dvd so i'll watch them properly..

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    So whats the official (if any yet) release date for Episode 3 ?

    Do we have to wait like another year !?

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    Originally posted by crazy_billy_bats@20 June 2003 - 11:33
    So whats the official (if any yet) release date for Episode 3 ?

    Do we have to wait like another year !?
    notice in the 1st post he said this

    "Episode 3 will be released memorial week May 2005"

    fuck Derby County

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    I think it's the 25th anniversery of the origonal, thats why their releasing it then.

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    Another 2 years?!

    That is ridiculous, way too late.

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    I have a cheesy script that I found online on Kazaa about episode 3 (made in the EARLY days, like in the 80's). I've also got one on reloaded, that has given me some ideas as to how unplugged/revolutions must probably be going. They may have changed some details in reloaded (from the script), and added some in revolutions, so the script I got from Kazaa about episode 3 will probably be semi-accurate as well. We see some "dark crystal" or something like that that may play a part in strengthening the powers of the sith, but I think this is destroyed. If you're interested, I can post the hash of it for all of you peeps out there. I hear in the script, that Anakin gets thrown into a really hot situation, and that's why he's been burned. He's taken to like, "monks" that rebuild the rest of his body, and save him from the very pit of death. He learns that the monks are just working for the dark emperor Palpatine after he becomes truly subserviant. I know more, but hey, even though it's an old script, it's probably hearsay, but it paints a great picture in my mind about how it'll play out.

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    Two years to wait for star-wars, sigh... As long as it isn't as bad as the previous two, then the wait will be just (I hope).

    What do you think his flaws were in the latest two? I personally think he was trying to move the age-group to younger children (perhaps he beleived in marketing etc there would be more money made out of impressionable youth?) Anyway, I think Star-Wars has lost its "saga" feel. If rumours are true, Lucas (pending sales) will make Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 to make it a 9 episode saga!?

    I think if Lucas forgets about his new graphics technolagy (to an extent), gets the famous anthemes in his new movie (like the imperial march, amazing tune&#33 and begins to look not at the simplistic intrest for kids but the continuation of a saga, making the story a fantasy-adventure (which Lord of the rings has managed) then I feel it will help re-capture the mind of its viewers causing his story to be reborn.

    or, I could be rambling crap... either way, hopefuly it will spark up convo.

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    Originally posted by ezyryder@20 June 2003 - 18:17
    Anyway, I think Star-Wars has lost its "saga" feel. If rumours are true, Lucas (pending sales) will make Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 to make it a 9 episode saga!?
    Nope, he said that Episode III will be his last film. I just hope it's better, even with Yoda's amazing fight, it just didn't "feel" like Star Wars.

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