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Thread: New Laws Against P2p In The Eu Next Year..

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    From Jan 1:st 2004, P2P programs will be outlawed, sweden is one of the first countries that will apply this law, ha ha ha.. It was all over the news here in every paper Yesterday.. Well, i wish them good luck. Might scare a few people though but what the fuck are they gonna do?? Hunt down every one? They are actually saying that it will become 100 % illegal to have the software installed.. Hargh hargh, should be interesting too se what will happen..

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    What law or EU Directive is this?

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    Fuck.. Sweden is the first country!

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    You got any links to this?

    I can't see how they can do this & if they do manage to which really they're not. People will always just trade on AIM, MSN, FTPs etc etc.

    When it does come into action (like that's going to ever happen i think it may be time to cancel my broadband Internet...

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    file sharing is here to stay.. if they stopped somr programs. new 1's will come around all the time. there is no stopping us
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    Originally posted by loz@20 June 2003 - 12:45
    You got any links to this?
    Here's a link click here Note: Language in Swedish


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    Very shakey InterTran translation here:-

    Government shall put the traffic with upphovsrättsskyddad music and pictures p Internet. Copying with they exceedingly popular filbytarprogrammen prohibit frn rsskiftet and law that transcribe CD and dvd - pictures for eget wear decrease. That government now am grabbing to storsläggan anti filbytarna , as str for a overpowering part of all internettrafik , depend p one EC - direction. All medlemsländer had already before ors will adopt sharpenings of sina upphovsrättslagtiftningar. Government suggest that the Swede legislation sash s that instigator always mste impart sits block up entrance a lt , movie , photo ors text fr make available p Internet. Day usage of copy , as they popular P P - programme , to example Kazaa am building p , am becoming wholly banned. Government shall also prohibit they sm dataprogram as only is to for that uphold beyond kopieringsskyddet p pictures and CD - slice. Prevalence copying The olds law that transcribe to example CD - slice for separate wear restrict ngot. IN the counting layers am heating the that everybody fr render detached copy for separate wear. IN bills as justitieminister Thomas Bodström present p the Tuesday am heating the that everybody fr for prevalence wear render one ftal copy. The importance that the still will product to that transcribe a purchase CD to auto ors sommarstugan. The am not becoming either banned that act a movie ors one television - program for prevalence wear. Law that transcribe literature restrict further s that the frn rsskiftet only am becoming to that transcribe am partaking by an book. The restriction had foremost its ground in day vast copying of studentlitteratur p college and university. Under Thomas Bodström is object with this nya layers that seat stop for ''konstnärligt häleri'' as frntar instigators their direct to remuneration. But the urilize also all demand frn they giant international slice - and filmbolagen , as mnga deem had creates hotbed for filbytartrafiken with sina upptrissade charges. – We have nots done in here for that urilize they superb skivbolagen. The am acting in basically if that behlla the olds apparition p copyright and when science alter s mste legislation also alter. Able impart jail Penalty for the as behind rsskiftet send ors am grabbing anti unlawful copy p Internet am becoming in first hand fine. Am acting the if traffic in organise form able penalty yet become jail in supreme television substitute. IN first hand give yet layers they as had copyright possibility that claim compensation of the as manages unlawful copy. Thomas Bodström hope that legislation in itself ska discourage they most frn that idle with fildelning. He permit yet that crime nots will fix an order of priority especially aloud of rättsväsendet. – The is nots s that police will runs into folk home for that search these cases. The is also evident that certain folk will continue , but the is nots one enough reason for that nots make ngot.
    What a load of crap. I don't believe it's a workable law, and how far will it go? Will they end up banning IRC, and messenger services that include a file transfer option? And what about FTP. It's a prime example ofpoliticians making up silly laws without really thinking about the consequences.

    Email.. Will they ban email too? You can share files via email...


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    In the words of Bubba Sparxx
    Don't worry about the law they can't arrest us all.
    The whole idea of making filesharing illegal is bull, every other person is going to be in jail .Are they going to start putting you in jail for lending tapes/Cds to friends next...

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    Seems to me that these euro-politicain blokes have forgotten that we did share stuff even before P2P programs were invented! We'll always find new ways of doing it...

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    If this is the future, we might as well develop programms such as JR File Split and mail each other the programms etc. in parts. How do they stop that?
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