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Thread: TT invite wanteddd soo baddd..

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    ramzouzy's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Jan 2007
    I had to post a new topic because i reallyyy really really want an invite for that website... I have a 5 ratio at bitme, an account that im willing to give away for a TranceTraffic invite! Its just that im a big fan of trance music and all... I can as well trade a tranceroute, a blackcats, and that bitme account for an invite.

    someone make my day!!

    ramz i

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    ceasar's Avatar Slava R0b0taM! BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    Good Luck!
    TCS Byatch in training

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    SalsaMan's Avatar vamos a bailar! BT Rep: +2
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    Jan 2007
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    "2007-07-11 - To all TT'zens - Invites

    Trancetraffic is now full.

    Please do not ask for invites until further notice.

    - TT Staff"

    So chances of getting an invite now = less-than-spectacular.
    mental note: get better sig


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