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Thread: Change My Xp Start Up Screen

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    What program can I use to do this? I don't wnat to do this myself because I know it could really mess up XP

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    take a look here

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    Style xp is good but still some times it messup with xp

    some times by changing boot screen windows dose not load becuz the bitmap image size for boot screen is fixed if one bit is less or more, windows will not be able to load.

    so be carefull with bitmaps images which ur going to install for boot screen cheak size every time

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    I've seen a program called LogonXP which I think does this - if you try a search for this on Google you may find what you are looking for

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    Get BootXP. I think you can DL a freeware version off of and then just take a trip to and get yourself a crack for it. It's that easy. BootXP is very user friendly and allows you change your boot screen to a single bmp or to have it cycle through a bunch of different ones. You'll love it.

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    use boot xp and get a crack 4 it


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