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Thread: Sims 8-in-1 Question

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    Ok i downloaded and installed The Sims 8-in-1. Game works fine. Just I noticed after I spent hours Downloading floors and walls, the game has NO WALL OR FLOORS FOLDER IN GAMEDATA! has every other folder, but no where to put walls and floors. what my question is WHERE DO I PUT THESE FILES? and is it even possible to add floors and walls to this unofficial release?

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    C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads
    If you don't have a downloads folder just make one yourself.

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    Yes what he said ^^

    Also you can create subfolders within the Downloads folder.
    Rent this space

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    there are other Q 4 me

    i download the sims 8in1 in the chinees lang But i tray tou know what hapin But nothing hapin so need help how can i do ectract 2 play i have the serial code & i have extracted but it's stop in a dame thing Make me crazy ............ know what i meen ?

    can you send me the pic that told what the can i do ???
    Chinees >>>> English ?? Same the file game but Transleted
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