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Thread: Need Half Life Key

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    I need a Half Life Cdkey that works Multiplayer.
    Anyone here who has HL but dont play online?

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    just buy the game isn`t that expensiv!!

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    go spend the 20 bucks and get it. then you can download counter-strike for FREE! don't expect people to give your thier key.

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    no doubt.

    its one of the few games i paid for. bought half life, and had the cs mod... but i loved the game so much, i still bought the retail version.

    BTW... yesterday was counter strikes 4 year aniversary! happy birthday!

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    how bout post something relevent to the question sometimes people ?.... dude if you need a cd key the best thing to do is trade a key from another gme for a counter-strike key, i got a hell of a lot of keys doing that, or go to a lan center and take them, or rent the game and take it.

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    My halflife cd key Is one of my most valuable possesions
    so forget about it !

    Buy halflife is the best game made by man !

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    I first used my friends cd key. But then i went on the net searched alot of forums and found some really old forum and found someone who posted there cd key and it worked. Also the cd wasn't used by anyone else so i was kinda lucky

    So my only advise is to search alot of forums. Most of the keys u find won't work and others wont let u play on the net on lan.


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