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Thread: Revolutiontt gets greedy begs for money!

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    How sad. Threatening to shut down if they don't get major donations. They also go on to claim server costs are 5k a month. I knew most private trackers owners were scum this just proves it.

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    LOL, you're upset that a site is asking for server donations or else they will shut down? They have probably been paying the difference out of their own pocket so people like you can get things that would otherwise cost you money for free. Why are these people "scum"?

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    Rotting99: der cuz pay2leech sux bawls

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    IMO donating is not pay to leech.... Buying gb's is pay to leech..If they are loosing money they have every rite to ask...........If not close down.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapowcowpwned View Post
    They have probably been paying the difference out of their own pocket
    No one is forcing them to host and pay for a private tracker. How can we be expected to take these claims seriously? We don't know their financial numbers or how many donations they're getting. If they can't handle it, I suggest:

    -Delete a chunk of the inactive userbase.
    -Impose ads. The smart ones (hell even idiots) can figure out how to disable them anyway.
    -Shut down if they can't handle it financially.

    I don't think donations are going to keep a site afloat consistently for months or however long they plan to be in operation.

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