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Thread: Help please!!!

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    i'm not particularily new to downloading torrents, and have been downloading bits and pieces for at least a month using Aquisition as a downloader (other programs like Bitorrent never actually connect or go very fast) but most of the downloads i want are within sites which require membership, like oink etc. How can i be invited to any of these without any sort of credentials?
    What should i start doing in order to be invited to these secret societys!?! HELP

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    nothing u must get inv someone ..its not a competition..

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    where is a good place to start?

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    This place is as good as any to get started. There are tons of free invite giveaways in the bt invite section. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a month to gain entry into that section.

    Shortcut: Make friends here and pray they invite you. But remember, no begging for invites in this section.
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    tomsad, there are various private trackers with open signups that you could try as a first resort. The next step is trying for some "low-level-trackers" where invites are easy to get and are frequently given out for free - TorrentLeech probably the prime example.

    The most important question however is what you're searching for. There are a variety of higher level trackers that are very challenging to become a member of while their content will be a disappointment in comparison to their rarity. Specify what content you're looking for and in some cases you'll receive good suggestions about (lower ranked) alternatives.


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