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Thread: Emi Copy Control

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    I recently bought Norah Jones' CD and was extremely pissed to find that I could not rip it.

    I mostly use winamp ripper plugin, which can see the files but not extract them.

    Was told by my IT man to use audio grabber, but this cannot even see the files.

    Has anyone out there beaten this system yet, and if so how?

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    your best bet may be to try and find a coppy to download off of someone who has ripped it in realtime from a sepeate cd player, and then encoded it

    the thing about the copy protection is this means that people who want their albums in mp3 will have to use pirate coppys to make the mp3s, and therefore won't ever buy the original cd

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    What amazes me is that these recording companies cannot comprehend that the "shrinkage" of their market has much more to do with the prevalence of crap offerings than actual piracy.

    Well, I suppose that some young software geek has found another teat on the industry's cash cow to milk.

    Thanks for the tip.


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