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Thread: Finding Nemo Help!

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    ok ive convertered this to vcd like 4 times alreaddy and the sound is off after the 1st minute by like 10 seconds does ne1 no how to fix this!! if u do it wud be nice of u to help

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    I'm sorry i don't.But there are some really good tutorials about bad frames and problems with movies over at fasttrackcentral.

    I am always referring to them and have learnt quite alot from them,you might find the answer to your problem.

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    I will be posting this on my site soon, but here is a summary of what I do.

    It sounds like the source file is VBR (variable bitrate) audio. Open the original AVI file in VirtualDub ( - if you don't have it). Go to Audio>>Compression and select 44.1 kHz. Then select Audio>>Full Processing Mode. Then go to File>>Save WAV and save the WAV file to your hard drive. Then all you need to do is select Audio>>WAV Audio... and select the file you just saved. This should correct the sync problem. After that, select Video>>Direct Stream copy and then File>>Save as AVI... Give it a new name so you don't overwrite your original.

    Then you should be all set to encode. Drop a line here if you get stuck.



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    If that doesn't work, my other thought is that the file has a corrupt frame near the beginning.

    Download DivFix from Open the file in there (click Add Files), make sure that the “Keep original file” and the “Cut out bad parts” options are checked and the “Log errors” option is unchecked. Then click Check Errors. If it comes up showing errors in the video stream, you will need to fix it. Click Rebuild Index. This will do the same thing as the error check, but it will also create a repaired file with the corrupted frames deleted (the same file name but with DivFix at the beginning).

    One Note! When you open that file in VirtualDub (if you need to cut it into 2 segments) check "Popup extended open options" in the Open dialog then check the "Rederive Keyframe flags" when that popup comes up. Unfortunately DivFix doesn't re-key the file. This takes a bit of time for VirtualDub to do, so get a sandwich or something.

    Then do the VirtualDub procedure.

    Good luck!

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    i got mine on bittorrent in vcd form


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