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Thread: Shadows Of Undrentide

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    If anybody know where this stuff is, please tell me...

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    Check bittorrent, thats where i got it from. has it has it

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    yea...but itz damn slow though...

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    newsgroups has it too and those are damn fast...

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    well, i downloaded it with bittorent and burned it with nero and the disc came out unreadable. i ran cdmage on it and found no problems, so i tried to burn it again and same thing, cant read the disc. i'm downloading a different link for it now, hopefully this one will work.

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    am i the only one having problems burning this? i've tried 2 different downloads and every burned copy i try to use comes up with the disc being unreadable. i have no idea what i may be doing wrong here.

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    mine works fine


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