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Thread: Stop Posting Old Movies

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    Nov 2002
    Getting fed up whit ppl posting old movies. They have been POSTED
    dont just post because you need to it just takes up space on the server
    and makes the forum look crap to any one who has a look for the frist time ,
    sit on your hands untill you have some thing new to post .the reson i joined this forum was because it was where you can get most of the new files frist..but not now . So stop posting old files and go out and look for some thing new or rare


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    I can't Believe what your saying man - That's whats makes Kazaa so good the option 2 download old movies if u want 2...

    I know i will keep sharing old movies as well new and if guy does not like he can go play with sum nice Trains...

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    Not all of us have all the old files.

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    Oni: I don't have the old files either, and besides, the forum search is down for the moment, so I don't blame anyone for posting old movies, so please make sure you know what you're talking about before you start stating your opinion

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    not every1 wants to watch all the latest new movies thats just come out at the cinema theres alot of good old stuff e.g horror movies were alot better then than now

    and search is down so you cant check if its been posted

    fuck Derby County

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    What is actually wrong with posting old movies????

    not every 1 is like oni

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    Originally posted by Oni@20 June 2003 - 07:28
    Getting fed up whit ppl posting old movies. They have been POSTED
    and this is coming from someone who just posted "The Eye." guess what. that movie has ALREADY BEEN POSTED BEFORE. have a nice day.

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    I bet Oni feels so dumb for posting this topic. Seeing how everyone disagrees with me including me. How many new movies does think are out. Also some old movies are better than the new ones for example, Dumb & Dumber vs. Dumb & Dumberer. The new one dumb that's why they named it that, the first was funny as hell. That's all I got to say. Holla at ya boy!

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    i dont think he necessarilly means "old movies"... like age... i think he means more, old, already posted, repeated movies... which is becomming a problem of late...

    we used to not post anything that was on but most people do their own thing, and just ignore tradition...

    but the repeat verifieds are getting out of hand..

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    Originally posted by Schmiggy_JK23@20 June 2003 - 14:34
    but the repeat verifieds are getting out of hand..
    i think Oni was one of the first people i noticed who would just post lists of hashes without regard to them being repeats of old posts. so it just strikes me as a bit hypocritical that he bothered to start this thread.

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